RMA Tool Instructions

Dear Customer:

Dialogic is launching a new web based Global RMA request / tracking system. This will enable you to directly request a return authorization and track the progress of your items via the Internet.

You may submit a request for an RMA, which may contain one or more products to be returned (for repair only). Once your request has been authorized, you will be able to track the progress, from the receipt at Dialogic through shipping the product(s) back to you. To assist with this process, we are providing detailed instructions (below).

Submit RMA Request

  1. Visit the RMA request site (http://rma.dialogic.com) (see figure 1).


Figure 1



  1. Complete the form fields in the upper section beginning with the Contact Email Address.
  2. Complete the lower section of the form for the product you wish to return for repair and then click the Add Product button. The Serial Number, Part Number, and Reason for Return are all required for this process.
    1. If a Serial Number is recognized after it is typed in, the Part Number / Part Description is automatically displayed.
    2. If a Part Number is recognized after it is typed in, the Part Description is automatically displayed; otherwise the Part Number / Part Description both display “Unknown.”
  3. Optionally, you may repeat Step 3 for any additional products to return on the same RMA.A summary of the products will be displayed (see Figure 2).
  4. Once both sections of the form are completed, click the Submit button (at the bottom of the form). A message of success (or failure if required fields are missing) is displayed and you will shortly receive a confirmation email of the RMA request with a summary of the product(s) to be returned.


Figure 2


RMA Tracking

  1. Visit the RMA Tracking page (http://rma.dialogic.com/tracking.aspx). This URL will also be included in the RMA authorization email.
  2. The RMA Tracking page is displayed (see Figure 3). Enter the RMA # you wish to track and the Contact Email Address associated with the RMA and clicks the Search button.


Figure 3


  1. If the RMA # is valid and the Contact Email Address is correct, the RMA information is displayed (see Figure 4).

Figure 4


  1. Any products that are part of the RMA that have reached the Shipped status will show a Resolution Details hyperlink. Clicking that hyperlink displays additional repair information as is shown in Figure 5.


Figure 5