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Important Notes:
  1. This form is used for returning product to Dialogic for repair. To request an advance replacement for product covered under a Dialogic Pro Service agreement that provides this coverage (Silver Per Unit plan, Platinum Per Unit plan, or Platinum Agreement) please contact our Dialogic Technical Support Service Department. Our support representatives will assist with trouble shooting to determine if an advance replacement is required. For contact information follow this link: Contact Dialogic Support
  2. Out of warranty repairs are restricted. Follow this link for additional information: Hardware Repair Eligibility


To submit a new RMA Request for one or more Dialogic products, complete the form below.  Please note:

  • Click here for RMA Tool Instructions
  • All Return Material Authorization (RMA) requests are subject to the Dialogic RMA Terms and Conditions.
  • A fee is required for the repair of any products that are outside of their warranty period. A Dialogic representative will contact you with specific charges.
  • If you return product which is out of warranty and we find such product to be non-defective (i.e. No Fault Found), we will charge you USD $300 per product to cover the cost of testing, evaluation and return shipping to you.
  • This site is for warranty and non-warranty repairs only. For other queries please contact your Order Desk Administrator.
  • All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • If the product(s) are to be return shipped to the attention of someone other than the provided Contact Name, please include an Attention line in the Return Shipping Address.
  • If you have consulted with Dialogic Technical Services in relation to a product to be returned as part of this RMA Request, please be sure to include the Customer Service Case Number if one was assigned.
  • If returning product to the USA for repair, please reference HTS code 9801.00.10.12 on your return paperwork.


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