Dialogic Return Material Authorization (RMA) Terms and Conditions

Dialogic offers a warranty and repair service to our direct customers, our distributors, and our distributor's customers.  Dialogic reserves the right to refuse service in cases where the product was not purchased from an authorized source.  Customer induced damage or customer modifications to the original assembly will void the warranty.
Return Material Authorization (RMA)
Dialogic issued RMA numbers must be quoted on all correspondence and clearly indicated on all packaging. Return authorizations for repair returns will be canceled after 30 calendar days if product has not been received at Dialogic. Advance replacement RMAs must be returned within 30 days.

Customers are responsible for all arrangements to ship product back to Dialogic for repair and are responsible for all costs including brokerage, customs, special handling fees, etc.  Product will be returned to customers at Dialogic's cost.

In Warranty Repairs
Products returned for warranty repair will be repaired or replaced at Dialogic's option.  Dialogic does not guarantee that the same unit will be returned to the customer.  Replaced products become the property of Dialogic.  In the case where a replacement product needs to be shipped prior to the receipt of the returned product, Dialogic may, at its discretion, charge for the replacement product and issue a credit upon receipt of the returned product.

Out of Warranty Repairs
Dialogic offers a repair service for out of warranty products.  There is a charge for this service.  The service is offered for a period of 24 months beyond the relevant warranty for such products.  Repairs are guaranteed for a period of 90 days.  No credit or replacement will be issued against out of warranty product returned for repair.  Dialogic will not offer repair service in cases where the product has been modified or subject to customer induced damage.